Kimberly-Clark has defined 10 business challenges.  The goal of these challenges are to connect with the innovation ecosystem.  These challenges will  bring new innovative product and process solutions to our clients and customers who value the Kimberly-Clark experience that creates a better life.  

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Goods delivery occurence management

During the cargo transportation process of goods delivery, issues such as breakdowns, lack of goods, refusal, service delay, among other factors may happen. When any of these events occur, the driver must record the occurrence for KC to subsequently solve it. The current recording process is done through a call center, but it has a high operational cost for the company and is very time consuming.

What we are looking for: K-C is looking for a practical, integrated, and cost efficient solution that replaces the call center and allows logistic carriers to report issues during the delivery of goods to the client.

Sponsor: Danielle Guimarães - Customer Service and Distribution Manager

- - -

Mandatory training management

Kimberly-Clark is responsible for following and ensuring employees attend Regulatory Norms (RN) training sessions. RN training is mandatory for industrial units and is determined by role. Failure to comply with these trainings can  result in the company being fined or having its essential operation licenses suspended. Currently, training session management is done manually, taking up time and resources from many employees, and possibly containing errors that can cause a major impact on the company's operations.

What we are looking for: We are looking for a solution that automates training management and integrates the process as a whole, from sending pending training notices to an employee to locking their company entry if they fail to complete their training in a timely manor. With these goals, we to find a solution that allows us to obtain greater agility in the training management process, time optimization, and error mitigation.

Sponsor: Sérgio Montanha

- - -

Customer inventory management

Currently, there is a high level of stockout among our clients and little visibility on what actions are required to create a balanced stock.

What we are looking for: We are looking for a solution that helps our executives gain a consistent overview of the supply chain and provide them with action plans to generate suggestions for the perfect sales order. For example, the perfect sales order would be to check for pending delivery orders, if there is inventory at the distribution center, or if it is necessary to generate a new order.

Sponsor: José Henrique Campo - Sales Operation Manager

- - -

Technological solutions for sanitizing bathrooms against virus and bacteria

We are changing our cleaning and hygiene habits to ensure that we are protected inside and outside our homes. Even though there are a wide variety of different products available, studies have shown that consumers are still very concerned with their personal hygiene. Public toilets are considered one of the uncleanliest places with unpleasant odors, particularly for women, the elderly, and during children's diaper changes, etc. Existing sanitizing solutions do not provide enough safety against contamination.

What we are looking for: We are looking for a solution, product, system, or technology to help consumers feel or confirm that their residential or public toilet is free from viruses and bacteria.

Sponsor: Cláudio Buiatti - R&E Director Latin America

- - -

New products and services that have sinergy with kc brands

Consumers are starting to have higher expectations from the brands they choose, so offering a product or a functional benefit may not be enough to engage and retain brand consumers anymore.

What we are looking for: This challenge is looking for new experiences that our brands can offer consumers, such as new business models, new services, solutions, partnerships, or products that complement K-C's personal care product portfolio.

Sponsor: Fernanda Hermanny - Marketing Director

- - -

Cooperation and connection with medical and healthcare professionals

We need to connect, cooperate, and start conversations with healthcare professionals so we can present our products and identify new business opportunities and insights.

What we are looking for: We are looking for a feasible digital solution to help us get closer to medical and healthcare professionals (physicians, nurses, midwives, pelvic physiotherapists, caregivers, etc.)

Sponsor:  Patrícia Menezes - Marketing Director


- - -

Efficiency in the execution at the point of sales

Having an efficient reading on what is happening at the point of sale (POS), such as product availability, shelf share, pricing, merchandising, and competitor's activities, is one of the most challenging but valuable tasks in managing our brands.

What we are looking for: We are looking for a solution that helps us gain a more effective and representative collection of point of sale information. Any solutions that might include our great team of promoters at the points of sale, must only require a small amount of their time, because POS is not part of their primary responsibilities.

Sponsor:  Aroldo Gonçalves - Sales Capabilities Director

- - -

Shopper experience at the point of sales

Currently, we have a great opportunity to use the point of sale, either online or offline, to help shoppers during the time of purchase and educate them, while also understanding their needs better.

What we are looking for: We are looking for a solution that offers insights on consumer shopping behavior to help K-C create new approaches and experiences that bring real value to the shopper. The solution will facilitate the consumer's shopping experience, educate them, and ensure the shopper finds the right product/purchase for their needs, such as the correct diaper size or the right type of absorbent for their flow.

Sponsor:  Bruno Siqueira -  Trade Marketing Director

- - -

Closer to small retail via the indirect market route

Currently, much of the indirect market and its direct customers user their own tools like the WhatsApp to quote, negotiate, set deadlines, and buy products from K-C and other suppliers. By doing this, people neglect key factors about the products that should be taken into account and limit conversations about prices and payment conditions as a result.

What we are looking for: We are looking for a solution that integrates the quotation and negotiation of products, prices, and deadlines. The solution should also open a direct and official communication channel with K-C to provide information on product lines, personalize promotions according the establishment's consumption profile, launch new products, and set new purchase reminders among other things. Thus, we hope to provide greater value to the transactional process and that the data generated by the solution will create market reports and insights to help K-C stay connected with the public.

Sponsor:  Victor Silva - Sales Director

- - -

Circular economy for packaging

 Currently, the world faces a major challenge due to the high volume of plastic waste generated daily. This waste is often treated through a liner chain, but the proper disposal destination cannot be guaranteed. We want to help our consumers properly dispose of packaging so it can be reused or sent to resin producers or K-C suppliers to increase the use of resin in our products made from recycled packaging.

What we are looking for:  We are looking for a solution that helps us reduce the impact of plastic on the environment and promotes disposal through the circular chain of material so that plastic can be used on a sufficient scale to avoid the production of more virgin plastic.

Sponsor:  Patrícia Macedo - Marketing Director